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Customer Care Service Management - Notion Template

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This template has been created to simplify your Customer service.

At the top of the home page you can add important information for the deparmtent (like name of the Head of Customer Service, and the pending modification on the Help Center)
You'll then find 6 sections

  • A Team section with 3 subpages
    • A "Team & responsibilities" where you'll find the list of your team members with their information.
    • "Contact & partners" which is a databse of all your external contacts, their mail, phone number etc...
    • "Department" where you'll see all departments of your company and the number of employees in each department.
  • A Tool section with 4 subpages :
    • Your "General terms & conditions of sales"
    • Your "Help Center"
    • A "Ticket Management tool" page where you can detail how this tool is working
    • A "Help Center Articles" databases with all articles of your help center (published, to be published etc...)
  • A "Care Follow-up" section with 3 subpages :
    • "Are you delivering to my country ?" which help you follow customer demands for country deliveries
    • A "Customer claims" dashboard which helps you follow all of your customer claims (can be linked to your ticket management tool), the priority of their demand and the problem they met
    • a "Customer returns" dashboard on which you can follow all of your customer returns and what you should do with them (only for companies selling physcial products)
  • A "Process" section where you can write down all the processes of your customer service based on the customers' claims.
  • A "Quality Management" section where you can find all issues encountered by your customers sorted by # of claims.
  • A "Project" section which uses my "Project Management" Template.

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Customer Care Service Management - Notion Template

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